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Our All Natural Beef

Our cattle are raised in a humane manner in open pastures using careful animal husbandry practices.  We raise all our cattle, with the exception of the herd bulls, on the farm.  By doing this we are certain of each animal’s history and minimize any concerns of outside influence.


Our cattle are Angus or Angus influenced.  Animals in this program are given no hormones or antibiotics.  We raise the animals in open grass/clover mixture pastures.  We feel this is best for the animal and for our environment.  We finish the animals in high quality open pastures; this yields an all natural grass fed beef.  However, if the customer prefers we can supplement the animal’s diet with corn for increased marbling.


We take care of all processing.  You are welcome to visit our farm and check out our herd.  If you select an animal, we would determine a processing date.  The animal is processed at a USDA inspected processing facility.  The USDA is onsite during the processing of your animal.  The animal is aged approximately 14 days before it is custom cut to your specifications.  Custom cutting allows you to specify the specific cut and size package.  The final package is a clear vacuum wrapped package.


The hanging weight of these animals will typically be 500-600 lbs.  If a whole animal is too much for you, we typically can coordinate with others wanting less than a whole animal.  We take care of the entire process; you pick up the frozen meat at our home.  We pay for all processing.  Your cost is price per hanging weight pound. 

Pricing is: 
  • $  - whole beef
  • $  - half beef
  • $  - quarter beef