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Duck Dance Farm

Contact Information:

Andrew Frank/Pat Poole, Proprietors
150 Troxell Drive
Burnsville, NC   28714

Duck Dance Farm is a small scale heritage and conservation poultry farm with emphasis on endangered water fowl.

The mission of Duck Dance Farm is small scale conservation farming using sustainable practices.  The breeding and sale of endangered water fowl is our primary function.  Large scale gardening with preservation of food is an important part.

Andrew and Pat have been involed in permaculture and farming for over 20 years.  Andrew has been a certified permaculture designer since 1992. Pat attended her first permaculture conference in the 80's.  They have owned their curent property since 2010 restoring the seven ponds and stocking them with diverse fish.  They currently are focused on raising and breeding heritage poultry with and emphasis on waterfowl.


Ducks - Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin, Muscovy, Ancona, and Saxony
Geese - White Chinese
Chickens - Buff and Lavender Orpigntons
Guinea Fowl

Live Poultry
small scale produce and herbs

Farm lunches with educational tours